Kelley Oilfield Services, Inc. has proudly served

Hilcorp, Torcsill, Logo Resources, Red Willow, Burlington Resources, Conoco Phillips, Encana, XTO Energy, WPX ,Energen , BP America

and other Oil and Gas producers in the San Juan Basin since 2001.


Brochure (11) Brochure (1) Kelley Oilfield Services has a highly experienced workforce and a very low employee turnover rate which reflects in a safe, excellent, timely and consistent completion of assigned work. We believe in working safe, hard and efficient with a high quality of dedicated service.

We take great pride in the services we provide to our customers. We work hard to provide the highest quality of production in a safe and efficient manner for the best cost of the bottom line to our customers.

Our current employee staff has been with Kelley Oilfield Services for a minimum of 1 to 14 years. We have been enrolled with ISNetworld since October of 2004 and maintain a high score of 100% to show all policies, OSHA compliance and our premier safety record. Our staff has extensive training in Hazard Assessment and Safety Leadership. We maintain a good behavioral based safety program and take pride in our safety record. We are currently a member of the DISA program and have a zero tolerance drug free and drug testing policy.


The benefit is a reliable, responsible workforce in which we provide and the customer can be proud of. We are proud to continue serving out local community and the

San Juan Basin in all construction and maintenance needs.     download