Hydro Vac Services

The Oil & Gas industry places tremendous importance on safety and the integrity of underground infrastructure. Hydro Excavation is becoming a widely accepted method for safety exposing underground utilities.

This method reduces the risk of injury that can accompany mechanical excavation. To achieve this goal, non-destructive methods of excavation are required to expose existing infrastructure prior to machine excavation. Today, many facility owners and pipeline operators go even further and specify that all excavations around buried facilities must be performed by hydrovac excavation. Hydro excavation is the process of utilizing pressurized water delivered through a wand to break up the ground into a slurry. The slurry is then removed by a powerful vacuum system into a debris tank. Our truck is a fully self-contained unit manned by experienced competent personnel. Underground facilities and subsurface utilities are almost always needed for construction. Excavation to lay these utilities is not an easy job and has a lot of risks. The existence of hydro excavation has considerably lowered these risks and it can now be used for several excavation applications.

This is another Premier service that Kelley Oilfield Services is proud to deliver.