Rig Anchor Services

Trained and Certified Safety Anchor Services include Rig Anchoring and hole boring.

Guy line safety anchors are one of the most over looked hazards in the Oil and Gas Industry. Some line anchors in use today were installed as far back as the 60’s of last century. Most of the older types were made out of Sucker Rod, or rolled steel that has rusted over time and does not meet current OSHA Safety Standards.

At each location, we will locate and test each anchor to an OSHA Required Pull Test. The pull test will be done with certified equipment. Each pull will be charted, recorded and filed. After testing, we will tag the anchor to meet a 2 year minimum OSHA Requirement.

The next time you have the need for a pulling unit to rig up on this location, you will not have to worry about the anchors. They will be easy to locate, cutting down on standby or down time for the pulling unit. In addition, you will have no safety hazard concerns about the quality of the anchors.

Hole Boring Services, Capable of holes up to 36” in diameter.

If you have any questions about our complete anchor installation and testing services please call our offices in Bloomfield, New Mexico at (505) 632-2423.